It’s Siri for lawyers and accountants. Ask Ailira a question about Australian tax law and she will scan through millions of uploaded documents and use her artificial intelligence nous to deliver an ­answer.

– The Australian

Introducing Ailira.

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Ailira, our Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant,  is here to help you with your legal problems. You chat with her just as you a human lawyer. You can ask her questions, and she may ask you questions back to help guide you to helpful legal information. She can help you create documents, and if need be speak with a human lawyer to review those documents and information provided to you.

Robots like Ailira aren’t able to offer legal advice…yet. But she is able to offer you helpful legal information, and can also help you have a human lawyer give legal advice – in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner

Our Work.

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Australian Wills and Estates

Do you need help with writing your will and want an easy, fast explanation or guidance? Ailira helps individuals solve their legal issues using plain English language.

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Legal Chatbots

Our platform can help you create help and information chatbots for your legal site using our AI-driven flows. We also support students by providing free accounts.

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Taxation and Law Research

Ailira enables law and tax professionals to research faster and more efficiently. Ailira has been trained Australian Federal Tax Law and is currently being taught State taxes and broader Australian Laws.

Specialist AI Consultants.

We have search and AI specialists on hand to assist you in navigating legal artificial intelligence.

Let us help your business create a virtual legal assistant to facilitate research across your unstructured data.

Ailira Property.

Ailira offers property conveyancing services for both property buyers and sellers. Our service is cheaper, better, faster – by utilising a combination of automation, artificial intelligence and economies of scale. 

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Recent News.

Dying Intestate

Dying IntestateOne of Ailira’s most frequently asked questions is “what happens if I die without leaving a Will? “ In this situation you die Intestate.What is intestate?Dying intestate is what happens when you die without leaving a valid Will. The law then steps in...

Making Sure Your Will is Legally Valid

Making Sure Your Will is Legally ValidOnce you have created your Will and decided how you wish to distribute your estate, it is important to make sure your Will follows the correct legal requirements in order for it to be legally valid. Not having a valid will can run...

Storing Your Will

Storing Your WillA Last Will and Testament is a private and confidential document. It is extremely important that your original Will must be kept in a safe and secure location after it has been signed and witnessed. At the time of your passing your nominated executor...

From our friends.

“To the question whether AI software like Ailira will eventually replace lawyers, Adrian Cartland ( Founder) replies with a perfect analogy:-

“Our end goal, as I see it, is to create R2D2. He can calculate hyperspace jumps, help the X-Wing fly, but ultimately he is always second to Luke Skywalker, the hero. AI is R2D2.”

Legal AI Blog

“Was this the legal sector’s “Kodak moment”?

The event that signalled the beginning of the end: “The people of Darwin can just about take the law into their own hands, with a new legal firm going lawyer-free,” ABC News recently.”

“With a few clicks of a button, a client can enter their details and will then be asked a few simple questions by, before the robot generates a fully certified will, using the Ailira system.”

The Australian Financial Review

 Management University’s School of Law have used Ailira’s legal chatbot to learn about the design and development of legal chatbots.  These students were taught by Zaid Hamzah, an Adjunct Faculty who teaches a program on Legal AI at the Law School.

“My students have benefited from learning about legal AI especially how to design and develop a legal chatbot”, said Zaid Hamzah

“It has been a good experience for my students”

Zaid Hamzah

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