Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant

Australian Wills and Estates

Do you need help with writing your will? Confused with legal terms and want an easy, fast explanation or guidance?

Ailira helps individuals solve their legal issues like a real world human lawyer would. Only much faster.

Build A Legal Chatbot Platform

Need an information or help chatbot for your law firm website? Want to generate legal documents via a chatbot? Our platform helps you do both at the fraction of the cost of outsourcing the job. Are you a law student or law school we’ll give you access to the platform for free!

Research for Law and Tax Professionals

Ailira enables law and tax professionals to research faster and more efficiently.

Ailira has been taught Australian Federal Tax Law, and is now being taught State taxes and broader Australian Laws.

Australian Company Documents

Business owners face a lot of legal and document issues, but it’s not always that you can afford a lawyer and an accountant to keep your business running. But you can always afford Ailira to guide you instead.

Deploy Ailira For Your Organisation

Are you considering an Artificial Intelligence project?

Let us help your business create a virtual legal assistant to facilitate research across your unstructured data.

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