$150 Flat Rate Wills

Take your time, we don’t charge by the hour.

When working with Ailira you are charged a flat rate of $150 for a simple Will. You will also have an Ailira Assistant that helps you work through your Will at your own pace for NO extra fee.

Our philosophy is that for something important like a Will you should be able to take your time; peace of mind cannot be rushed.

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Why Ailira?

    • Generate a legally binding Will that has been accepted in probate registries across Australia
    • Take your time – an Ailira Assistant will help you for as long as you would like
    • Reliable and safe process to ensure you get the right outcome
    • Affordable price with NO hidden fees, NO catches and NO costs to your estate.
    • Legal Care – If you need, we can help guide you to an appropriate lawyer
    • Australian created and operated
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Adrian Cartland

Creator of Ailira

“I have been working in law and tech for nearly 2 decades.  In my experience, hard-working middle Australians lack access to law. Further, the service that they receive is often second class. So I created a system where they can access the absolute best service and peace of mind regarding their affairs.

Ailira: created to fix what is broken with the law.”


Very good service I’m very happy as I had no idea with Wills.
Russell, Darwin NT

Making a Will should be as easy as popping to the shops for a carton of milk. Ailira’s Artificial Intelligence makes the process cheep, fast and legally binding.
Lawyers Weekly (Australia)

It was really easy, just putting in basic details and it does the whole thing for you, so really good.
Logan Turnbull, Darwin NT

I would personally recomend using the services of Ailira to prepare your will and estate. The whole process was easier and more affordable than I thought…
Dean Morisson, NT

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