Ailira Property Services.

Ailira offers property conveyancing services for both property buyers and sellers.

Our service is cheaper, better, faster – by utilising a combination of automation, artificial intelligence and economies of scale.

Lower cost.

Automation reduces manual processing of paperwork & file setup ensuring fewer of your billable hours are spent on each file.
Ailira’s scale of business ensures we can negotiate competitive rates on behalf of clients to keep the cost of transactions low.
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Professional Expert Service.

Through careful selection and partnership with vetted conveyancers your settlement is in the safest hands possible. Each conveyancer must undertake regular CPD training, utilise the PEXA system for secure settlements, lease a professional office space and pass a series of background and reference checks including from their professional representative body.

Faster Funds Transfer.

Utilising the PEXA electronic lodgement network ensures not just a secure settlement, funds are also deposited into your account the moment the transaction occurs, helping avoid unforeseen costs or fees associated with delayed loan repayments & discharges. Fees are also fully disclosed upfront and are all inclusive for all standard discharge, transfer and mortgage settlements.

“Ailira saved me hundreds of dollars on the purchase of my home, the team were really friendly and great to deal with.”
Alex, Adelaide
Alex, Adelaide

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