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Ailira is an artificially intelligent legal assistant that is here to help you with your legal problems. You chat with her just as you a human lawyer. You can ask her questions, and she may ask you questions back to help guide you to helpful legal information. She can help you create documents, and if need be speak with a human lawyer to review those documents and information provided to you

Is this legal advice?

Robots like Ailira aren’t able to offer legal advice…yet. But she is able to offer you helpful legal information, and can also help you have a human lawyer give legal advice – in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner

What types of legal information can Ailira help me with?

Ailira can help with business structuring and Wills and estate planning. She is learning more aspects of law all the time, including assisting victims of domestic violence. If you are a tax professional Ailira is able to assist with tax research. Ailira is also able to assist with some general legal queries, but she is still learning, so please be patient.

Should I use an Instant Legal Document Form or Discuss with Ailira?

Ailira can help you create legal documents, or you are able to use the forms on the website – whichever is easiest for you. If you have any questions as you go along – just ask Ailira for help!

Who Created Ailira?

Ailira was created by Adrian Cartland with his team at Cartland Law, and in conjunction with other legal experts.

How much does it cost to use Ailira?

Chatting to Ailira and getting information from her is FREE! If you would like to create documents or chat to a lawyer then there is a charge for that. Please contact us using the form below.

If you are using Ailira for tax research then the charge is $90 per month per user.

To the question whether AI software like Ailira will eventually replace lawyers, Adrian Cartland ( Founder) replies with a perfect analogy:-

“Our end goal, as I see it, is to create R2D2. He can calculate hyperspace jumps, help the X-Wing fly, but ultimately he is always second to Luke Skywalker, the hero. AI is R2D2.”

Legal AI Blog

Was this the legal sector’s “Kodak moment”?

The event that signalled the beginning of the end: “The people of Darwin can just about take the law into their own hands, with a new legal firm going lawyer-free,” ABC News recently.”

“With a few clicks of a button, a client can enter their details and will then be asked a few simple questions by, before the robot generates a fully certified will, using the Ailira system.”

Australian Financial Review

It’s Siri for lawyers and accountants. Ask Ailira a question about Australian tax law and she will scan through millions of uploaded documents and use her artificial intelligence nous to deliver an ­answer.

The Australian

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