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Adrian Cartland Writes on Law, AI & Ethics in South Australia’s Law Society Mag, The Bulletin (June 2019)

Although history remembers the winners, if that “winner” were not to exist someone else would have taken their place. A number of people developed lightbulbs,2 combustion engines,3 and powered aircraft at approximately the same time. While Google is the dominant search engine, Facebook the dominant social media platform and Uber the dominant ride sharing service, it could have equally been AltaVista, Myspace and Lyft or Biadu, Weibo and Didi.

Law Geex Article: The world’s first law firm “without lawyers”

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported  that the people of Darwin can just about take the law into their own hands, with a new legal firm going “lawyer-free”.Cartland Law announced its launch of  Ailira (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant)   located in Coolalinga Shopping Centre, south of Darwin.

Chatbot-based ‘firm without lawyers’ launched

A lawyer has launched an artificial intelligence-backed (AI) chatbot that powers what he calls the ‘Law Firm Without Lawyers’, initially aimed at consumer and tax law but shortly to be extended to domestic violence. The Australian creator, Adrian Cartland, a tax specialist who runs Cartland Law, in Adelaide, South Australia, told Legal Futuresthat he hopes to bring it to the UK.

Hundreds of people’ trusting artificial intelligence to write their will

South Australian taxation lawyer Adrian Cartland invented Ailira to fulfil everything from legal advice, to research, and now important tasks with clients. It’s been set up in the Northern Territory town of Coolalinga, and its website’s official description states: “Ailira’s advice function works like a chatbot. Ailira asks a number of questions via text (or speech) like an interview. That information is collated and can be analysed to provide advice, and also automatically generate documents.”

Rage Against the Machines: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Legal Practice

Two recent stories shine a spotlight on the digital future of legal practice. An Australian practitioner designed and launched a law firm staffed solely by an artificial intelligence (AI) providing tax and estates law services. In the race to market AI legal services, the Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant (Ailira) deservedly won headlines and, potentially, mindshare.

Legal AI News

Three Ways A Law Firm Can Use Artificial Intelligence

This Law Technology Today article offers three options that a law firm could envisage engaging with AI to help the practice. They write, "Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to market and is impacting industries across the spectrum. While the legal industry hasn’t...

Podcast – The Appeal of AI in Legal

Speaking with  with Jerry Ting and Alex Su, the CEO and Director of Business Development, respectively, at Evisort, a software platform that provides artificial intelligence for contracts. We discussed why artificial intelligence has become so attractive in the legal...

Technology’s Newest Job Is The AI Legal Engineer

Forbes report... Data management AI platform company Immuta is one of the first organizations to formalize the role of the legal engineer. Yale law graduate and former FBI specialist Andrew Burt is Immuta’s chief privacy officer and legal engineer. As we automate more...

Susskind: Can Technology Replace Lawyers?

After recording our recent video op-ed with Richard Susskind, co-author of The Future of the Professions, Big Law Business also had the opportunity to follow-up with specific questions about how the ideas in his new book directly apply to...

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