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Ailira is designed to provide support to hard-working Australians who need to navigate the complex legal process. Ailira offers a convenient and efficient way to access services they need. The posts you will find here are written with a focus on providing valuable insights into Ailira’s development and functionalities, as well as exploring the service that Ailira provides.  This can be considered an essential resource for staying informed about the latest developments. So, if you want to learn more about Ailira and how it can simplify legal procedures for you, be sure to check out our blog posts regularly.

Dying Intestate

Dying IntestateOne of Ailira’s most frequently asked questions is “what happens if I die without leaving a Will? “ In this situation you die Intestate.What is intestate?Dying intestate is what happens when you die without leaving a valid Will. The law then steps in and decides how and to whom your estate will be distributed. In some cases, even those who have created a will can die intestate and have the will they drew set aside if the document itself does not comply with the following; Your...

Making Sure Your Will is Legally Valid

Making Sure Your Will is Legally ValidOnce you have created your Will and decided how you wish to distribute your estate, it is important to make sure your Will follows the correct legal requirements in order for it to be legally valid. Not having a valid will can run the risk of having your assets distributed in a way you would not have chosen nor wanted and a potentially long and expensive court battle for your loved ones to fight for your wishes.AgeA person must be over the age of 18 in...

Storing Your Will

Storing Your WillA Last Will and Testament is a private and confidential document. It is extremely important that your original Will must be kept in a safe and secure location after it has been signed and witnessed. At the time of your passing your nominated executor is going to need the original Will in order to carry out your wishes.Original WillIn order for your Will to take effect after your death, your executor will need the original copy in the court of law to apply for a grant of...

DIY Will Kits & “Free Services”

DIY Will Kits & “Free Services”Recently due to the pandemic there has been a large spike in those purchasing DIY Will Kits and Online Will Services. Although it is great that people are taking the step to prepare and protect their assets you need to be mindful of the risks and complications that could arise using some of these platforms. We wanted to outline a few of the most common issues we come across using these services to create your Will.Free "Services"Some providers advertise that...

Next of Kin

Next of KinIn Australia when a person passes without leaving a valid Will typically the next of kin will be the first point of contact that is appointed the responsibility for all the decision making when it comes to legal matters, burial choices, and the organisation of the deceased’s estate.Who is the "Next of Kin"Generally speaking, the next of kin in Australia refers to a person’s immediate family member or the closet living relative that is over the age of 18. Each state and Territory...

The information you need before Writing a Will

The Information You Need Before Writing a WillPutting together your Will does not have to be stressful, confusing, or costly. Although it is something most of us don’t like to think about, it is extremely important in protecting your assets and making sure they go to the appropriate people when you’re gone. Your wishes are respected and carried out accordingly. If you are thinking about putting together your Will, here is a list of everything you need to know before creating your Will.Appoint...

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