Wills and Estates.


Do I need a Will?

Over 50% of Australian Adults have not prepared a Will of any kind.

This could potentially mean that their families are left out in the cold in the event of their death.

Those who pass without making a valid will run the risk of having their assets distributed in a way you would not have chosen nor wanted.

“Free” Services

Although some providers say that they offer Wills “free of charge” many in return want control of administration of your estate and may take a percentage of your entire estate (up to 4.4% in some cases) at the time of your passing.

DIY Will Kits

DIY Will kits can become risky when creating your Will. Making the slightest mistake could end up costing thousands later and force your loved ones into a lengthy legal battle in court to fight for your wishes.

A family

Common reasons why people don’t have Will


Sometimes drafting your Will can be time consuming, taking hours of your time at a Lawyer’s office.


Having a lawyer prepare your Will can be costly. It can average between $500-$1000 per person.

Unclear Terminology

Legal terminology can become confusing and overwhelming, making it difficult to understand what is being asked and what that means for your Will until it has occurred.

Why Choose Ailira to create your Will?

  • Ailira has created a step by step, easy to navigate process that allows you to create your Will in the comfort of your own home.
  • No waiting time, Ailira generates your document instantly.
  • Affordable price with NO Hidden fees, NO catches and NO costs to your estate.
  • Legal Care – If you have a more complex question, we will help guide you to the appropriate lawyer making dealing with your question easier and faster.
  • Australian created and operated – Our entire Ailira program created and work locally here in Australia.

If you need guidance you can speak with one of our assistants free of charge.


Very good service I’m very happy as I had no idea with wills
Russell, Darwin NT

Making a will should be as easy as popping to the shops for a carton of milk. Ailira’s artificial intelligence makes the process cheap, fast and legally binding.
Lawyers Weekly (Australia)

It was really easy, just putting in basic details and it does the whole thing for you, so really good.

Logan Turnbull, Darwin NT

I would personally recommend using the services of ailira to prepare your will and estate. The whole process was easier and more affordable than i thought…

Dean Morisson, NT

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