Australian Wills and Estates.

Ailira helps individuals solve their legal issues using plain English language with easy, fast explanation or guidance.

Protecting your family

Ensuring that your family are looked after and understand your wishes shouldn’t cost you the earth.  Ailira puts real people like you at the centre of the law. 

Ailira is an artificially intelligent legal assistant that is here to help you with your legal problems. You chat with her just as you would a human lawyer. You can ask her questions, and she  will respond to help guide you through legal information.

Ailira can help you create documents, and if need be speak with a human lawyer to review them and information provided to you.

Why Choose Us?

Honest, Straight Forward Advice

At Ailira, we provide the type of advice we would want to receive – straightforward, compassionate advice, without confusing jargon. 

Affordable Legal Care

If you have a more complex question, we will help make sure that you speak to speak to one of our lawyers, making dealing with your question easier and faster. 

Simple Solutions for Everyday People

Ailira and her human counterparts are here to make the law approachable and simple for everyone, without hefty fees.

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