The Legal Forecast and Ailira are working together to provide the technology for law students around Australia to experiment with building their own legal chatbots to solve problems in providing legal services and information around the country.

The build platform will be used by law students at Uni Southern Qld and around the country this weekend (9-11 August 2019) at the Legal Forecast organised  Disrupting Law National  in QLD, VIC, SA, NSW (9 – 11th August) and WA (16 – 18th August)!

They write……..So join forward thinking lawyers, technologists, students and innovators to learn new skills, create a project and pitch a legal-tech idea to innovate the legal industry.


Disrupting Law is a unique 54-hour hackathon for tertiary students focused on finding new opportunities in the legal industry. Disrupting Law allows people to join forces in creating solutions through fast paced, creative and interdisciplinary problem solving. Serving as a platform for idea generation, relationship building and skill progression, participants will be energised and geared up to tackle the next challenge in the legal industry.

Students from a range of faculties and universities come together over a weekend to search for the next best idea to advance legal practice in a novel way. In a process that is deliberately randomised to spark new connections and friendships, student teams are partnered with mentoring law firms. One contestant in 2017 described the process as “strangers to founders in 54 hours”.

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