Lawyers Weekly write….COVID-19 offers an opportunity for boutiques to experiment with legal technology platforms in order to flourish moving forward.

The global coronavirus pandemic has “imposed a lot of hasty adjustment”, McLay principal Fiona McLay mused, but it has also brought about the chance for boutique law firms to try new things in an environment where everyone is patient and accepting of a few teething troubles.

Even when you want to make some changes, it’s easy for it to fall to the bottom of the to-do list while you concentrate on dealing with day-to-day client demands,” she said.

“If you do suffer a slowdown, using the time to adapt your business to be less reliant on manual inefficient practices will make you better placed to grow your business when we emerge from lockdown. You don’t want the only thing you’ve learned out of this situation to be how to mute yourself during a video call.

“Some very clever people (often ex-lawyers) have come up with great legal tech solutions and they want to help you try it out. There are some great offers to trial software for free or at [a] significant discount.”

The pandemic has exposed misconceptions, Ms McLay told Lawyers Weekly, about what a law firm is supposed to look like.

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