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Tired of sorting through multiple legal databases to find the exact paragraph that answers your question? Like a Siri / Alexa  for lawyers and accountants, Ailira enables legal & tax and other professionals and organisations to research faster and more efficiently.

Private files research with Ailira

Ailira can rapidly be taught to understand any large body of information. This means that she can be set up to provide answers from private databases, such as a law or tax firm’s precedents and prior advices. Having Ailira search through the internal documents will connect the knowledge base of the firm to each employee within a quick natural language query.

What Is A Natural Language Query

Ailira’s NLP (natural language programming)  works through a process of machine learning analysis of large amounts of data. It analyses the way that humans speak in that body of data and comes to an understanding of their natural language.

This means that Ailira can quickly understand technical and obscure terms (and even new languages) upon being given a large data set.

The Ailira NLP algorithm creates an index of the data and searches through that index. This means that the original data is untouched each time the search is conducted. Words are converted into a system of mathematical notations, which is extremely efficient.

This efficiency allows Ailira to search through an index of the entire material for each question, rather than a heavily annotated subset. This gives also Ailira a unique accuracy in her results.

Advantages Of Employing Ailira For Search

  • Ailira can operate on private and secure databases. Google only works with public information that has weblinks, and only does keyword searches.
  • In specialised subject matter searches and private databases Ailira is vastly superior to Google and any other current search function.
  • Ailira loves deciphering data and especially legacy data. Word is her favourite but she’s happy with txt, rtf, pdf, transcribed video, powerpoint and more.
  • Ailira loves to search, compare and find across vastly different datasets. Ask her the right question of your datasets and she will return to you quickly with the answer(s) you need.
  • Ailira doesn’t dilly dally, she likes to get on with the job. She can manage in hours what others take days or weeks to do.
  • Ailira can be deployed internally with your own UX and branding to make life easier for your staff, users or members.
  • Last but not least, Ailira is here to help you manage your tasks more efficiently, quickly and creatively. She knows that when it comes to advice and instruction humans are still in charge.

Customised Legal AI 

The age of artificial intelligence in the law is just dawning. There is endless opportunity for the creation of new legal technologies for efficiency, insights and predictions, risk reduction and access to justice. And we specialise in building legal AI.

Deploy Ailira – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Cartland Tech and Ailira?

Cartland Tech has taught Ailira to pass the Adelaide University tax law exam, to beat a paralegal on ABC’s AI Race, to power the world’s first Law Firm Without Lawyers, and to assist victims of Domestic Violence. And that is just the start!

Judge us by what we have produced, there is no vapour-ware or hype here, we just build technology to fix what is broken with the law.

Other things Ailira can do are set out below

You can use Ailira without having to first go through high pressure sales.

This means that people use Ailira based on the strength of the technology, and not based on the pressure of a sales funnel.

The result of this is that we can see what people actually like, and what we need to do differently, because creating the best product requires honesty, to our customers, and to ourselves.

Cartland Tech firstly built Ailira for use in our legal practice at Cartland Law and then for direct access by consumers.

We were then approached by innovative lawyers from all over the globe who asked if Ailira could be customised to suit a bespoke application they had in mind.

We then started applying Ailira to new areas of the law. The more we teach Ailira the easier it is to teach her to do something new, either for our own use or for someone else’s.

Yes there are plenty of software developers out there, and plenty of lawyers too. What we have is a specialist skill in the application of technology to law.

Building legal tech isn’t the same as building a new social network, sharing economy app, or drop-shipping website. Nor is building legal tech the same as running a law practice. There are many nuances in the delivery of technology suitable for lawyers, and suitable to people who have a legal need.

We deeply respect the practice of law and its institutions, so we build technology that will assist the proper administration of justice and strengthen the rule of law.

Who Should Engage Cartland Tech?

Professionals, organisations, institutions and government who understand the benefits of new legal technology for both their practices, clients and users.

What Projects Will Cartland Tech Build?

Interesting new applications of technology with regard the law.

We are a technology company focusing on Artificial Intelligence legal applications.

Our goal is to fix what is broken with the law, and that is a pretty huge goal to be honest. We have mapped out years of strategy to achieve that. So as interesting as tech problems outside law may be, sorry that is not our thing, though we are happy to licence our IP for use into third party applications.

We are a business that is not beholden to investors, so we have the luxury of only having to do things that we enjoy, we enjoy designing and building legal tech for clients all over the world.

Ailira Research

Ailira’s ability to research is built off a natural language understanding (“NLU”) of unstructured text. This understanding is generated through a process of unsupervised machine learning, that enables Ailira to come to an understanding of how language is used based on the corpus presented.

Because of this process Ailira can quickly understand the context for specific technical phrases or indeed other languages. There is no need for someone to set out relationships between words ahead of time.

Australian Tax

The first Ailira product launched in 2016 was developed by ingesting tax cases, legislation, public and private rulings in Australian tax law.

Ailira is able to search through all these materials and answer natural language-based queries, highlighting specific phrases which answer questions put to her.

Ailira’s Australian tax research product has been available since 2016 and has been used by accountants and tax lawyers across Australia.

Private Files

We can set up a private and secure version of Ailira to enable the searching of the private files of a law firm, company, department or organisation. 

Many private, public and government entities have vast amounts of content and data (identifiable as intellectual property). This information is usually historical and filed in an unstructured manner, thus making it only accessible to its creators and information specialists within those organisations.

Therefore a great deal of research and precedents created by one practitioner are typically inaccessible to others, unless they know where to look. This problem afflicts most organisations, regardless of size in both the private and public sectors.

Ailira solves this problem by enabling the natural language search of unstructured data. This means that answers to a question hidden deep into a document can be uncovered without the organisation having to spend extensive time pre-organising that data.

This allows all organisation, firm or companies benefit by being able to move between databases. For example searching tax cases could allow the discovery of relevant materials in disparate databases.

Ailira’s knowledge of language is improved by each additional data set.

Ailira Robotic Process Automation

A lot of business efficiency can be gained by the automation of repetitive tasks. As unexciting as this sounds this presents a number of opportunities.

Ailira Conveyancing

Ailira has created a platform whereby an operator in the property market, e.g. a mortgage broker (“Referrer”) can instead of referring a client directly to a conveyancer, undertake some of the work themselves in the process of conveyancing property. 

The Referrer enters details into Ailira about their client (the vendor or purchaser) of a property. 

Ailira then processes that data which obtains agreements and verification of identity from the respective vendor/purchaser, then sends the data into the Australian national conveyancing platform PEXA  and then subsequently invites a conveyancer or solicitor to sign off on the transaction. 

The benefit of this process is that a large number of transactions can be satisfied at a number of firms at an increased level of efficiency and without the Referrer undertaking prohibited work.

Typically, the Referrer is paid a fee for data entry which would not be able to be paid by a conveyancer.

This product is live and in ‘stealth mode’ i.e. not advertised publicly (but not secret either) at 

Consumer Generated Legal Documents

The key realisation Adrian Cartland (founder) had in 2014 which led to the development of Ailira was automation is occurring and inevitable.

This meant the prerequisite for further automation was enabling users to make their own legal decisions and at minimal cost.

In Australia a good example would be the generation of companies and trusts have been automated since the early 1990’s.

Consumers are theoretically able to generate these documents for themselves. However, without the knowledge of how or what documents to create their ability to generate the correct document or form is counter productive and may be detrimental to the quality of the documents produced.

The AI Generated Chatbots Are Here

For most people, the information needed to self-service in the law is simple and routine. For example, creating the documents for a business that operates through a company owned by a discretionary trust is unlikely to be problematic. 

The important factor is to give users the information necessary so they may determine when basic options are unsuitable for them and they need further, specialist advice.

By generating documents using both Artificially Intelligent Chatbots and free legal information the legal needs of most legal consumers can be met cost effectively.

Ailira Consumer Chatbot

The consumer facing chatbot provides a “Plain English” database of knowledge to answer questions necessary to enable users to generate documents for themselves. 

At present, this is live for Ailira’s Australian Wills and Business structuring products. 

The user is able to ask questions that will enable them to complete the documents simply.

For example the question “what is the role of an executor”,  thus allowing them to make the decisions necessary to generate the documents themselves. 

This chatbot presently operates from and 

Besides answering questions and generating documents, the chatbot can also book times with professionals, triage in appropriate clients and gather information for a solicitor to call them back.

The Law Firm Without Lawyers

Ailira has taken the consumer chatbot concept and placed it in a law firm looking office to provide access to the general public who are otherwise hesitant to use a chatbot.

The “law firm without lawyers” is by far the world’s most limited internet café.

In this internet cafe you can only access the website

At “the law firm without lawyers” a Legal Process Assistant (LPA) helps clients be seated, prints their documents and books appointments, but in no way provides a legal service to the client. 

This model has proved successful and we are now expanding into new offices. This concept can be easily be incorporated in other professional offices. For example, accounting firms, conveyancing firms and financial planners, both in Australia & around the world.

Website Chatbots

Ailira’s chatbot can be placed on company, accountants, law firm and financial planner’s websites to generate revenue through the automatic generation of documents. 

All that is required is a single line of code to be inserted onto the website and then the Ailira Chatbot interface will appear and be able to answer questions and generate documents with the full functionality set out above. 

This provides a simple way to generate additional revenue. 

The charging is on a revenue share model.

Live In Beta Testing: Domestic Violence Chatbot

Three years ago Ailira received funding of $20,000 from the South Australian government to produce a prototype chatbot that can assist and enable victims of domestic violence to appear in court and hearings with the correct sets of documentation so as to reduce time and stress in processing orders and legal issues.

The initial prototype was completed satisfactorily but the South Australian government decided not to proceed due in part to lack of funding funding.

Having seen the need to assist victims of domestic violence, Ailira decided to continue development of the domestic violence chatbot. 

We also realised that any other attempts to build such a program would be undertaken by a committee and therefore most likely to be an expensive and slow outcome. We therefore decided to produce something that would go beyond merely giving or gathering information but could also produce an outcome that would advance a victims legal status.

The program allows us to generate an apprehended violence order that will prevent the perpetrator from coming into contact with the victim.

To do so Ailira has created a mechanism of gathering information about a particular situation through a series of who, why, what, when and where styled questions about particular incidents coupled with open text explanations that are ordered through the Ailira AI into an affidavit that is in a form structured to be readable and understandable by the Court. 

We also collect the individual’s standard background information such as personal details and history. 

Currently the only way to execute this process is through a form which is extremely difficult to generate unless you are used to writing in a particular style. 

Ailira’s Domestic Violence Chatbot reduces the time it takes to generate intervention orders. This will be of particular use to victims of domestic violence but not subject to immediate physical danger (in which case the police are typically involved). 

Victims are generally at risk but typically need to source private legal assistance. This they do through legal aid, women’s groups, community organisations etc.

Ailira can also enable the easy generation of intervention orders as well as background fact collation by social workers who assist victims. Those on the receiving end of domestic violence are also able to directly upload all this information onto their phone at any time.

To enable this, we have created an app which serves to hide Ailira’s domestic violence feature in plain sight.

Through this app victims can also upload documents to either an annex to affidavits, for example medical reports, or as a safe storage of important documents. This is because perpetrators of domestic violence often try to control access to private information such as passports.

Chatbot Platform

Ailira has developed a brand-new platform by which people can generate their own legal chatbot using the technology above. 

The benefit of using the Ailira platform is that we have mapped out how to create legal chatbots and instantly have the ability to enable advanced features to be integrated through the use of our specialist chatbot developers.

We see a particular target of this platform being non-profit organisations who can quickly and easily build a chatbot to automate something for free to assist the community and then, if they wish, integrate and add advanced features. 

Of course we can build chatbots or other technology on demand, but this feature allows people to create something themselves for a negligible cost, providing an opportunity to easily develop something substantial at a later stage.

Ailira is also able to serve as a legal chatbot platform by which organisations can generate chatbots and share them with like-minded organisations. 

For example, we have developed with Flinders University in South Australia, a chatbot to assist parties in fencing disputes.

The basis for this chatbot can be used for development by interstate non-profit organisations to quickly build their own, thus benefiting consumers on a leverage basis.

Wikipedia Ailira

As an example to illustrate to you the power of Ailira, we have given her access to the entirety of Wikipedia.

No it didn’t take her two months to learn Wikipedia , only a day and a half!

We’d like to show you how powerful she is by asking you to ask Wikipedia anything you want.
Remember Ailira uses natural language programming and not simple keyword search and therefore the more specific your question the better her response and results will be when she draws out the blocks of text in Wikipedia related to your specific question.

She also has some clever tools to help you refine your searches further. Just ask us what they are.

Ailira Deployments

We are working with USQ to allow students on their new “law chatbot building module” access to Ailira technology to allow students to build chatbots designed to help the community access legal information and / or services at low or no cost.

We also look forward to working with USQ to help students and academics get their “law chatbot product” out into the Australian and global legal sector with added mentorship and advice.

Ailira used by Singapore Law School

Law students from the Singapore Management University’s School of Law have used Ailira’s legal chatbot to learn about the design and development of legal chatbots.  These students were taught by Zaid Hamzah, an Adjunct Faculty who teaches a program on Legal AI at the Law School.

“My students have benefited from learning about legal AI especially how to design and develop a legal chatbot”, said Zaid Hamzah

“It has been a good experience for my students”

Ailira is working with Nigeria’s Legalpedia on providing next generation AI case research for all legal professionals, government departments  and the private sector at an affordable price.

Legalpedia Nigeria Limited was launched to provide relevant and cutting-edge technology to the Nigerian Legal Profession by reducing, to the barest minimum, the use of manual methods within the courtroom, the judges’ chambers, court registries, and in Law Firms.

The Legalpedia board is an experienced team of professionals chaired by doctor and management expert, Dr. Olumuyiwa Omotoyinbo. At the helm of the Corporate Services team is Barrister Adegoke Oshuniyi with numerous years of corporate experience at the CBN and other private ventures in oil and gas. The Finance and Administration is led by Mr. Emecheta Ofondu, on the editorial team is a collection of IT-savvy editors led by the Chief Editor, Barrister Emeka Albert.

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