reports..CompareNow compares and marks up text for lawyers and is developed by a startup co-founded by former Clifford Chance lawyers.

Clifford Chance has launched a text comparison tool for lawyers in its Singapore-based legal technology lab.

CompareNow is developed by Singapore-based startup Alpha LegalTech through Create+65, the Magic Circle firm’s global innovation lab based in the city-state. The software helps compare text in emails and other documents with instant mark-ups. It can save an average of 75% of the time in email text comparison and an average of 41% of the time in comparison from longer documents such as contracts, according to Clifford Chance.

Clifford Chance tested the program as a pilot earlier this year to a select group of lawyers, and will roll out the tool across its Beijing; Hong Kong; Perth, Australia; Shanghai; Singapore; and Sydney offices.

Alpha LegalTech was co-founded last year by a group of lawyers, including former Clifford Chance lawyers Shawn Tan and Benjamin Kang. ”Collaborating with founders who deeply understand user needs and pain points, and leveraging on tech to churn out routine legal processes in faster and more cost-effective ways is key,” said Laura Collins Scott, Clifford Chance’s innovation leader.

In November, Clifford Chance launched an automation training program in Singapore to teach lawyers to automate tasks such as drafting contracts without coding. The program, in collaboration with Australian startup Josef, also runs through Create+65. The British firm set up Create+65 in 2018 as part of a wide legal innovation initiative based in Singapore. The initiative is supported by the Singaporean government and works in collaboration with the country’s Future Law Innovation Program.



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