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The four industries making best use of artificial intelligence

Nick Deeks writes in the Australian Financial Review. “Was this the legal sector’s “Kodak moment”? The event that signalled the beginning of the end: “The people of Darwin can just about take the law into their own hands, with a new legal firm going lawyer-free,” ABC News reported recently. “With a few clicks of a button, a client can enter their details and will then be asked a few simple questions by Ailira, before the robot generates a fully certified will, using the Ailira system.””

Forget robot lawyers – AI is your R2D2

Adrian Cartland wants us to stop talking about robot lawyers. As principal lawyer of Cartland Law and creator of Ailira and Law Firm Without Lawyers, it’s a surprising sentiment. Ailira, which stands for Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant, famously helped Adrian’s speech pathologist girlfriend score 73% in the Adelaide University tax law exam – with better grades than Adrian. His work combines the best of AI and legal practice.

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