Australian Lawyers Weekly report on the new initiative at the firm.


Legal tech entrepreneurs are partnering with law professionals and experts to test and refine innovative new products to assist in implementing technology.

With many in the legal profession still hesitant to accept technological innovation within law firms, Lander & Rogers launched LawTech Hub to create an environment built for technology advancement and enable lawyers to automate day-to-day work.

Genevieve Collins, a chief executive partner at Lander & Rogers, said: “Lawyers are cautious by necessity and this makes the legal industry a challenging place for agile, risk-friendly tech entrepreneurs. We wanted to show the profession that technological change should be welcomed, rather than feared.”

One of the major inventions to come out of the program is a chatbot that assists in the way firms identify when they have experienced a notifiable data breach. The functional legal bots automate tasks ranging from modern slavery to divorce applications.

The firm’s head of innovation, Michelle Grossmann, said Lander & Rogers is exploring how the platform has real-world potential to increase lawyer’s capabilities.

“We’re testing a mobile version of the technology that could help one of our client’s retail staff to quickly identify in-store issues that need to be escalated immediately. If successfully, it could save our client significant legal costs,” Ms Grossmann said.

Founder of TA Law, Stephen Foley, said technology hubs have made it easier to find scheduling solutions and manage digital documents for barristers and solicitors.


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