User Guide to Ailira

What is Ailira?

Ailira is the first artificially intelligent legal assistant of the type in the world. What she represents is the first practical and useful artificial intelligence for professional services starting with Australian federal tax law.

Ailira can:
- Answer legal questions and guide you to helpful legal information
- Generate legal documents
- Put you in touch with a human lawyer if needed
- Help you instantly search through multiple legal databases to find a relevant case or document

To answer legal questions, Ailira uses natural language processing, and can easily understand even technical and obscure questions.

You can chat with Ailira using our website widget or Facebook Messenger, whichever suits you best. Ailira is available 24/7, from any device, meaning means that it can assist you with answers whenever you need it.

How do I use Ailira for getting legal information and documents?

Ailira has many databases that she can search through, including Legislation, Court Cases, Private Rulings, Rulings and Tax Topics and Commentary.

Chat with Ailira as you would with a friend or with a human lawyer, using natural language. The more complex and specific the question is, the better the answer returned by Ailira.

Private files research with Ailira

Ailira can rapidly be taught to understand any large body of information. This means that she can be set up to provide answers from private databases, such as a law or tax firm’s precedents and prior advices. Having Ailira search through the internal documents will connect the knowledge base of the firm to each employee within a quick natural language query.

Follow-up consultation by a professional lawyer

Ailira was developed by professional lawyers in order to provide you with the most relevant and accurate answers to your legal questions. In case you want your Ailira generated document to be reviewed or commented by a human lawyer, Ailira can help you schedule a meeting with a lawyer who can consult you about any extra questions that you might have.

Law library

For your convenience, we have created a Law Library where you can find definitions and explanations for all legal terms that Ailira operates.