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Become Partners

Ailira was built with a purpose to simplify information search and to make legal information available to all people interested in Australian law, regardless of where they are physically located. Literally, it’s the way law is meant to be.

As an artificially intelligent legal assistant, Ailira naturally needs a vast input of knowledge and information to make her even more helpful and wise. We believe, two heads are better than one - kudos to Jeremy Duffy for his help with creating Wills related content in our Law Library. We’ve also received lots of encouraging calls after Ailira’s debut on ABC Lateline, so we invite everybody who’d like to contribute their knowledge and ideas to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our partnership offer covers:

Law firms who’d like to capture their knowledge into Ailira and become a contributor and a part of our Ailira-empowered journey. As Ailira grows, your revenue will grow with her.

Join our network of practicing lawyers, and Ailira will refer you to people seeking professional advice with intricate legal cases in your area of expertise.

If you have a website promoting legal services, contact us for an Ailira widget to be embedded into your homepage. It will automate a vast amount of legal research and document generation for clients visiting your site, making all your operations faster and more effective. Try it out and see how your revenue grows, no additional time or efforts needed.

Last, but not least, if you have a cool idea and would like to build something amazing using Ailira’s capacity for legal search, we are ready to join you on this journey.