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Ailira is an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to provide free legal information on a broad range of legal issues, including Business Structuring, Wills and Estate Planning and much more coming soon! In addition, you can use Ailira to instantly generate Australian legal documents for your business and personal use, much cheaper and faster than a visit to a lawyer would take.

For Individuals

Do you need help with creating a Will? Confused with legal terms and want an easy, fast explanation or guidance? Ailira helps individuals to solve their legal issues like a real world human lawyer would. Only so much faster.

For Small Businesses

New business owners face a lot of legal and document issues, but it’s not always that you can afford a lawyer and an accountant to keep your business running. But you can always afford Ailira to guide you instead.

For Law & Tax Professionals

Tired of sorting through multiple legal databases to find the exact paragraph that answers your question? Like a Siri for lawyers and accountants, Ailira enables law and tax professionals to research faster and more efficiently.

The first practical and useful artificial intelligence of the type, Ailira responds to natural language questions with usable and helpful legal answers in plain English.

Free Legal Information

Ailira is always ready to provide you with a free legal information or generate a legal document created for your specific case, much cheaper than it usually costs.

Quick Legal Research

Ailira signifies the future of legal and professional research, enabling you to research information much faster and more efficiently in order to save your valuable time.

Easy and Always Available

Ailira provides legal advice 24/7, and is also accessible from any of your devices. You don’t even need to visit our website - just talk to Ailira chatbot directly in Facebook Messenger.

Backed by Lawyers

Developed by professional lawyers, Ailira gives you the most relevant and accurate legal information. And if you’d like documents or information generated by Ailira to be reviewed by a human lawyer, or you would to discuss something more complex or requiring the human touch, Ailira’s can make a time for you to speak to a lawyer.

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For your convenience, Ailira is always on and accessible from desktop and mobile devices alike. To make it even more available to you, Ailira can also be reached via Facebook Messenger. You can chat with Ailira as you would with a friend, using instant messaging.

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